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The Pools

Auburn RV Park boasts having the largest private swimming complex in East Central Alabama including an Ocean pool, River pool and Lagoon pool and although our pools add to our resort like atmosphere we are first and foremost an RV park facility dedicated to family RV camping experiences. The pools are not open to the public outside of contracted special events making the pool areas private to just those RV camping at Auburn RV Park which allows for a private less crowded experience for guests.

River Pool

Lagoon Pool

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Ocean Pool

Our Ocean pool is a large zero entry / beach entry pool ranging from 1 inch to 6 feet in depth and is large enough for your largest beach party /gathering. There are no waves on this ocean pool but there is still plenty of fun to be had with space to float for days and enjoy the sunshine and sunsets as well as a game of water basketball in the pool. The Ocean pool is lit underwater and above water for night swum capabilities under the stars or float in movies. There is no diving allowed in the ocean pool or any of our pools and as always swimming is at your own risk.

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